Risk Management

Risk Management & Continuity Planning

Being prepared to face and manage risks is essential to any type of project development or general business development and expansion. If you are seeking investment in a project or business, having a risk assessment will increase chances of thorough observation and development.

Risk Management as an essential part of any project, leads the way for efficiency. With the right project team, a project manager who is familiar with the associated risks should be able to incorporate risk mitigation into a successful management plan and follow through with implementation.

At Phoenix Affect, we can help you to develop a comprehensive risk management or continuity plan to better position your company to respond effectively to the risks it faces.

Risk Management or Continuity Plan

  • Executive Summary
  • Purpose
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Responsibilities
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Response & Mitigation
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Risk Contingency Planning
  • Tracking, Benchmark, and Reporting

  • Phoenix Affect Contract Implementation of Contingency
  • Processes to Address Immediate Unforeseen Risks

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