Specialty Consulting

Specialty Consulting

Having a great product or services goes hand in hand with advertising. The company has to make sure that they are offering the best merchandise in order for the advertising to work. Our business consultants can help with this. They can take a look at what is being offered, see if it is the best it can be, and make any necessary changes. Sometimes it is hard for a company to look at a product from the customer’s standpoint. We can look at the product or services from all sides. This is beneficial for the company as well as the customers.

Whether a company is just starting out, or if it one that has been open for years, advertising will also be a key factor.

Consulting cost start at $75 per hour.

Our consultants can:

  • talk with the present customers to find out how the company could improve.
  • perform research to find out why the company is not getting new customers. For example: Potential clients aren’t shopping at the business because they don’t carry a certain product. The consultant can work with the owner to find out if it would be profitable to do so.
  • communicate with people in the community or around the business is crucial to finding out what people want. For example: If the company offers clothing for adults only, but the area surrounding the business has a great number of children. The company is surrounded by fifty families and thirty-five of those families have two or more children. The consultant could possibly do a survey to see how many of those people would shop at the clothing store if children’s clothes were sold. The consultant can then speak with the business owner to find out what can be done about offering a children’s line of clothing. This change alone could have a positive impact on the company’s financial viability.

A company will always have to market themselves, in one way or another. On the way to do this our consultants can assist and even implement through our many services, exactly what you would need to brand and expand!

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